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After four years as an elected member of the Howard County Board of Education, I am still a vocal critic and proud supporter of the Howard County Public School System.

Favorite Quotes: 

                        "First, let me say that I believe school staff--particularly teachers--perform one of the most important jobs in our country, and many of them are the most dedicated, hard-working professionals I know. I believe it is absolutely scandalous that they are not paid more and given more respect as professionals. That said, I believe our country's education bureaucracy has become calcified and resistant to change--and we are in dire need of change. When education self-interest groups defend practices that get in the way of improving schools for the sake of children, then I am absolutely opposed to them." Geoffrey Canada..

                         Mr. Canada and I may not define "self-interest groups" the same way - but I agree with the sentiment.   The self-interest groups I am talking about are the ones selling testing equipment, and testing supplies, and tests, and test result analysis, and all manner of things that will enable them to reach into the public tax dollar coffers intended for the education of American children.  The most pressing threat to public education in the United States is the alliance of billionaire boys clubs, profiteers, and so-called "reformers" who use their enormous personal wealth to push ill conceived education "reforms" through the political system - in ways that are virtually guaranteed to fail - and stand ready to sell more reform in the form of vouchers, and for profit charters.  The end result being their personal enrichment, and ultimately the resegregation of American public education.  "...I am absolutely opposed to them."

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We have highly rated schools with a number of wonderful programs, but we can do better to provide each student with the tools they need for a satisfying and productive life.  I wrote this in 2010, and it is still true in 2014.

In addition to our rigorous college prep programs we need to add meaningful vocational education opportunities for our students who want to be plumbers, carpenters, electricians, or cosmotologists, etc.

Our ARL and Academies may be the best kept secret in Howard County.  There are wonderful opportunities for those students they are able to serve.  But they are inadequate, and do not meet the needs of our community and our students.  We can do better. 

In 2010 I wrote: We need to provide foreign language classes starting with our youngest students if we are to help them achieve and prosper in a world economy.  I am proud to say that we now offer elementary students a variety of world language opportunities.  I supported the pilot which gave elementary students exposure to both Spanish and Madarin Chinese.  I frequently hear the argument that we must be shooting for fluency in a given language, and the "exposure" during the pilot programs was not geared sufficiently toward fluency.  I understand the concern.  However, I strongly believe that the opportunity for our young students to experience languages that will be nearly impossible for them to master later without this early introduction, is extremely important and effective.

We have a lot to be proud of, and we need to keep it that way. This is still true in 2014.

Our expert and experienced teachers need to get back to the business of teaching our students a full and rich curriculum - and stop spending valuable class and childhood time preparing them to take poorly designed and effectively meaningless government tests.  This is even more true today. 

Sure we want our students to perform well on these tests, and if they are well educated in general they should.  If a well educated student does not do well on the test - it is more likely a problem with the test than the student.  Our Board of Education needs to stand up to the testing authorities, assert our legally authorized local control over our fine schools, and lead the rest of the state - not be dragged down by it.

Please help me help our schools be all they can be and lead the way to a truly world class education for Howard County students.  A vote for Cindy Vaillancourt on June 24, or during any of the early voting days from June 12-June 19, is a vote for the students, teachers, and citizens of Howard County.


Make education personal,

Cindy Vaillancourt

candidate, BOE

michael vaillancourt, treasurer